Dabble Review

Dabble Review – Why Scrivener is a Popular Choice Among Serious Writers

A cloud-based novel writing app that’s designed to be easy to use. It’s an ideal writing tool for writers who are looking for something that won’t distract them from their work and will allow them to write at their own pace.

It’s free for 14 days and doesn’t require any credit card or other payment information to sign up. It’s also a great way to test out the software without having to worry about losing your money.

Scrivener has a lot to offer for long-form writers, but it has a steep learning curve and requires a significant investment of time to get the most out of it. This is why it’s a popular choice among serious writers.

The Outlining Platform

One of the most helpful features in any writing app is a plot grid that connects all the parts and chapters of your manuscript. This gives you an overview of your story, and lets you make changes to it at any time.

There are also subfolders in the plot grid that you can create to organize specific characters or events. This makes it easier to keep track of relationships and other details as you write, as well as making it easy to add new characters or plotlines quickly.

The Corkboard

Scrivener’s corkboard is a fantastic feature for outlining your novel. It allows you to step back from your writing and view the big picture in a bird’s-eye perspective. It’s also a great place to drag and drop notes, photos, quotes, or video clips.

December 2023